Good Brazilian Witchcraft

I was staying at a Vietnamese beachside resort with my Brazilian neighbour and it was raining constantly. She said we should put an egg on the roof and the rain would stop. We put an egg on the roof and the next day – it was sunny! It’s been sunny ever since. I just hope, the two eggs that are now on this roof, in this picture – don’t drop.




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4 responses to “Good Brazilian Witchcraft

  1. Thanks for sharing this article with us. The way you desribe it is really clear.

  2. It’s an emotive subject but I think you can pull it off…keep up the good work.

  3. Jane Cornelius

    Thanks Online casino and Clement: appreciate your input 🙂

  4. hahaha… this is really true!!!! On my wedding was a storm, My apartment was at 7Th floor and I threw an egg on the roof of my neighbor house (YES, was a house side my building) and until I left there was rain, but better than a storm. Suddenly when the car stopped in front of the Church didn’t have a drop of rain, and nevermore until next day at the same time. Crazy…
    BTW, accord my Grandmother, we need to throw the egg on the roof of your neighbor, not put the egg in any roof…hahaha
    But Brazil is a big country and each place has your own way to use the folk.
    And….. did she tell you about Santa Clara’s legend to stop the rain? =O

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