Barbara Cartland is my Hero

Barbara Cartland is my hero. She wrote an amazing 723 books in her career, spreading love stories all over the world through 36 countries. If I keep writing books and want to write as many as her, I worked out I have to write 2 books a month for the rest of my life to even catch up. I’ve  finished writing 1 book, presently editing my 2nd and now on my 3rd. They take me a year each to write. Maybe I’ll just aspire to dress like her instead; I have a cat that looks like her dog already.


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2 responses to “Barbara Cartland is my Hero

  1. Thank you for your lovely comments about my mother. She wrote a book a fotnight and so left me 160 unpublished books when she died! Keep on writing and you will catch her up! Ian

  2. Jane Cornelius

    Ian, sorry I am so late replying to you I got lost in finishing my send book. Wish me luck as I now try to work out how to get it out to the world 🙂

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