How to Send New Clothes to Deceased Relatives

I love my Chinese neighbours. Today in the lane one of them was making paper offering to give her dead relatives on April 4th ( a special day to do this in China).

She taught me how to make shoes, shirts and trousers. I’m now working on making my  deceased mother a whole wardrobe. On the 4th April in our lane, I will draw a circle on the floor with chalk and burn everything I’ve made inside it. The smoke will take  the burned goods up to heaven to meet Mum: ahhh, so sweet! Or  weird ( depending on your beliefs or how you look at things). I’m also thinking of going out and  buying other paper offerings you can get here too. I could send  to her a designer handbag,  a Porch car,  a mansion and even a butler and policeman to cater to her every whim and need.

My neighbor also gave me a couple of apples for lunch. Have I told you how much I love Chinese people – they’re so sweet, one of the nicest cultures I’ve ever lived amongst.


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