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Cover Preview: Baby and a Backpack

Here is a sneak cover preview of my book: ‘Baby and a Backpack’. It will be released in Australia on April 24th (perfect for a Mother’s Day gift). It will be available digitally and though Amazon. Click on the book cover image. It will become really big   – so you can read the back cover.

Baby and a Backpack

Baby and a Backpack Book cover

Me, the first time I saw the cover!



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Vintage Shanghai


If you love vintage and quirky – you will adore this new shop ‘Lolo Love Vintage’ in Shanghai.

It’s in a great street with el Coctel bar opposite ( open only at night) and Nene for a delicious Italian Lunch or supper. If you want to party The Apartment is right across the road too.

Lolo Loves Vintage


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China Beijing: Travel Tips

I really like Beijing for a few days. I reckon the perfect things to do there are:

Stay in a great hotel! Beijing is cheap with  heaps of 5 star hotels virtually empty, so you can get a great rate and it will take your mind off the pollution. Go on treat yourself – you deserve it. We stayed at the Sofitel Wanda.

Eat fabulous food! including a Beijing duck, you must go to Da Dong. It’s a fantastic yummy restaurant. Try to book a table around the fish ponds and duck ovens. We had duck, delicious vegetarian dishes, champagne and cute deserts that looked like dandelions and it all came to under $60 U.S. That’s another bonus about visiting China: the food is great and cheap so, you can live like kings on workers wages. Do some web research and find other restaurants to go to before you get there. The link I made for Da Dong, has other great global and Beijing restaurants in it too. Time Out  is another good resource.

Walk the wall. Stay at the Commune By The Great Wall  for at least a  night if you have time. They have a shuttle that can pick you up from town. They have yummy, delectable restaurants, Chinese and western. The rooms are pretty cool and they have a private access to the wall. They will organize a picnic for you and you can go early morning and use it as your step work-out. The Aman in Beijing is really nice too if you have more money to splash around. Otherwise beware, if you do an organised wall trip: there are millions of tourists traipsing it. We passed  sections of it that looked more like a trip from hell covered in people looking like ants, rather than the fun experience it should be! At the Commune, you will find no one, just you and the  lonely stone steps and you will find your mind tripping off into fantasies of history.

798 Art District is a mustDashanzi 798 Art District. Even if you are not that interested in art, it’s fascinating to see the old working factory area blended together with new art galleries, shops and  quirky cafes. There’s heaps to do,  look at one art gallery after the other, do some shopping and buy unique alternatives gifts, have lunch… Great for a whole morning or afternoon.

Silk Market. If you have time, go and buy some funky pearls. I love the ones that are huge and colored. Make sure you bargain. Start by cutting the price in half. It is so cheap your going to be jumping with joy with your new found treasures.


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My Life in Pictures: What I Saw in Shanghai This Week

It is so hot in Shanghai everyone is wilting and flopping. I thought this guy next to the metro was dead and in Ikea there were more than  the usual people having a nap on the displays. The kids outside my lane have a new game: Ninja Turtles. I love their use of water-melon covers and melons are still exploding in our fruit shops due to over-use of growth hormones. Riding my bike I now turn up at places looking like a little swimming pool and the Wardorf hotel on the Bund is one of my favorite cool-places, to run around on these hot Shanghai nights…


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Shanghai China: Knitting, Wool and Cashmere

My neighbor knitted me these divine slippers. I found the baby ones you can see below  and I asked her to copy them for me – but bigger.

Shanghai China is a great place to buy wool if you love to knit too. You can buy enough, good quality wool to knit a jumper here for about $5 u.s.

If you  prefer to buy the soft cuddly goods instead, buy some cashmere sweaters here. Below, you will find  a business card. Phone them as they have just opened a new shop closer to the center of town. Philippe Le Ber do great styles, they manufacture for the big named brands and you can get a good cashmere jumper from one of their outlets for under $100 US.

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# Hong Kong International Art Fair

This is an event in Hong Kong well worth going to see or flying in to see if you are loaded: The Hong Kong International Art Fair. This year 2012 it is on: 17-20th May.

Here are some pictures I took last year.

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Hong Kong Tourist Tip: Shop and Walk Though the #Hong Kong Kowloon Markets

Spend a day walking around Hong Kong, in the Kowloon markets. It’s easy to do with children and old people too, as if the grommets or oldies get exhausted, there are MTR stops all along the way – so you can go home whenever you want.

I’ve attached a good picture map below worth downloading. Just follow the pink dots on it for a good walking tour and you could look at my video on my You Tube Channel to see what it’s like too.

If you leave home by 9a.m. and cruise, you will be able to shop till you drop, have some lunch and be home by  4p.m.  You will see: The Flower Market,  The Bird Market, The Fish Market, The ladies Market, The Jade Market and Kitchen Street.

TIP: haggle well in the ladies and Jade market (actually haggle well in all of them). A necklace, they offer you in the Jade Market for $200 HK is often is only $50 HK.

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Shanghai, Shopping, Tourist Things To Do: Go to the Eye Glass Market

Buy  your eyeglasses here, they are REALLY CHEEP! Make sure you bring your prescription, or they can check your eyes at the shop. The eye glass market here is massive, but I have attached Lisa’s card below ( in English and Chinese). I always go to her. Print it out and give it to a taxi, you will end up at a door, go in, find the lift and go up to the fourth floor. When you  find Lisa’s shop and if  you can’t find some frames you like: you really need your eyes tested!

To buy reading glasses they are about 100-1500 RMB  and if you want a really good name (??? know what I mean – 300 RMB).  They, also have prescription swimming goggels ( about 100 RMB about $15 US)  and  contact lenses in all colors ( about 70 RMB). Go wild, get  different glasses for each room of your house.

On the 3rd floor below the eye glass market is the wedding market… I will post on that later.

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I love this Shanghai doll I found; it must be Australian inspired.


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