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Meet my Himalayan Pussy from Hong Kong: Boo (and find an animal of your own to love)

I was never into cats, much preferred dogs. I always found cats too independent and they never seemed to give enough love… but then I found Boo in Hong Kong and I  think she is actually a dog, in a Himalayan cat-suit.

She was sick in the pet shop with a shitty bottom when I found her. I would go in and visit her everyday, hold her lovingly and  hoped that I could transfer life into her.  When my husband said maybe we should get  a friend for Maisey (our independent and unloving cat) I didn’t say anything, but jumped straight out of bed and I was at Boo’s pet shop early that morning waiting for it to open.

At the vets with my newly bought Boo on my lap, a man sitting next to me was very excited: he had a Himalayan  cat too and showed me a picture of what Boo would look like when she grew up. The picture freaked me out. I couldn’t believe my cute little thing could turn into the monster below.

Now two year later, with a pretty version of the hairy Garfield above, I’m a confirmed cat lover and  I think: Himalayan cats rock!

But – please don’t get me wrong. I love our Scottish Fold cat Maisey as well, but I only  get to be nice to her when I put her food on the floor and give her a quick stroke. Also I would not suggest buying pets from pet shops: find a reputable breeder instead or go to the SPCA in Hong Kong, they have lots of animals who are in desperate need of a good home. Or go to this great website: HK Animals Speak. It will tell you of all the animal welfare organizations in Hong Kong, where loving animals are in need of your help. Or, If you live in Shanghai go to this website, Second Chance Animal Aid. Or if you live somewhere else in the world just Google: pets in need of a home (and your country).

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