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China and Hong Kong Pets

I must say, the dressing-up of pets I do find interesting here. When I lived in Hong Kong there was even a cafe where you could have a latte  whilst your dog was served a doggy pizza. On Saturdays the cafe pumped like a fashion show, girls  oooed and ahhhed at the best-dressed pooches and birthdays were also celebrated with doggy birthday cakes and candles. I would take tourists there as part of my alternative Hong Kong, tour-guide service. In China and Hong Kong they also  put shoes on their dogs: they don’t like their feet to get their dirty. You will also see dogs in prams.

But the best fashion-prize must go to a neighbor of mine in Shanghai, who makes panties for her dog out of g-strings.


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Crotchless Babies

I find these Chinese baby, crotchless trousers very environmentally friendly (as goodness knows how much rubbish we’re creating with all our disposable nappies). Chinese mothers are also very in sync with their children. You’ll see a mother walking along and suddenly, she’ll  dangle her child off her arm so it can poop. Then, she’ll clean it up with a tissue. I have also seen mothers holding their babies over  rubbish bins so they can do their business straight in there. I am sure there must be  less nappy rash in China.

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