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Baby and a Backpack: Pictures from the Book

These are pictures from  the Book I wrote Baby and a Backpack

Living in Bali before I met The Blonde.

Jane in Bali before meeting the Blond

Pregnant with Poppy in Glastonbury

Jane pregnant

At the airport with a 12 week old baby and an around-the-world ticket.

At the airport with a 12 weeks old baby and an around-the-world ticket

Villa Poppy in Bali.

Villa Poppy

Poppy in the English Countryside helping me to garden.

Poppy born in the English Countryside

The Dazzler, my father when he was a wrestler.


Dazzler shots

Me, a wild teenager living with my mother.

A wild teenager

It took me a quite a while to get fit and well again after my teenage years

It took me a while to get better …

Poppy in Hawaii with her freind the parrot

Poppy in Hawaii

In LA with Ted

Poppy and me in LA

Rosemary, the kind lady who helped me in England.


Gwellar, Rosemary’s dog


Poppy’s Nana Helen; such a wonderful woman.

Poppy and her Nana Helen

With my sister Kay when we were kids

me & Kay

I got to see my brother Dax again in 2014. Sadly I do not get to see him for years at a time because we live so far apart.

jane & Dax

Dax and Kay together again too.

Kay & Dax

The baby shoes I had made for the front cover of my book.

baby shoes


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My Life in Pictures: What I Saw in Shanghai This Week

It is so hot in Shanghai everyone is wilting and flopping. I thought this guy next to the metro was dead and in Ikea there were more than  the usual people having a nap on the displays. The kids outside my lane have a new game: Ninja Turtles. I love their use of water-melon covers and melons are still exploding in our fruit shops due to over-use of growth hormones. Riding my bike I now turn up at places looking like a little swimming pool and the Wardorf hotel on the Bund is one of my favorite cool-places, to run around on these hot Shanghai nights…


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